Sinking into Silence – Three of my poems translated into English

English translation of my three poems

Three of my poems, out of fifty-two published in Croatian in 2011 poetry collection Journey (Putovanje), were translated into English. They are Sinking into Silence, Like a Tree and Oscillation. Enjoy your reading!








Sinking into Silence

The goddess of the night calls me
to relinquish myself to her silent guidance
through souls’ paths intertwined,
flickers of images and reflections,
through shouts echoing numerous times.
She calls me with her mouth silent to follow her
with my eyes unopened
to be guided by soundlessness,
not to tap with my hands in search of the path
or to stretch my arms out in search of solace,
but to trust her
that silence is what I hear best,
vagueness what I decipher most clearly
and a touch is more intimate when the hands are forgotten.
The goddess of the night calls me
to her empire with no beginning or end,
with depths and an expanse like an ocean
that I sink into without gasping for the last breath
and without sounding a call for help,
without any wish to reach the sparkling surface
where I had thought my salvation is.
I let myself fall into her embrace
in the empire of silence
with no images or sounds, feelings or scents,
and I don’t know anymore, am I dead
or more alive than ever before.

By Boris Pecigoš, November 15, 2009

Like a Tree

I spread my arms and lift them high, touching the sky
ready to let the sun’s rays shine on my chest, to receive
the warm rain and the gentle breeze, just like the branch of a verdant treetop
whose roots find support in earth’s great depths,
and suckles nutrients from the womb which bears
all the world’s children,
like the branch of a tree whose trunk links two worlds,
I run to its embrace, to become one with this being,
because I am that tree.
And if winds blow all my leaves away and storms tear down my branches,
if fires burn me to a stump or worms devour me from inside,
if an ax fells me or lightning strikes me,
if an unimaginable hardship comes upon me,
I will bud anew and grow towards the heavens,
once again I will smile at the sun
and witness the passing of seasons,
the unfolding of young green leaves,
and sudden summer rain showers,
vivid shedding of my outer garb,
and the formation of frost on naked branches.
Yes, when it will seem as if death had overcome me,
I will come to life once again,
because my root is nestled deep in the auspices of Mother,
and life spirit guarded by the Father.

By Boris Pecigoš, November 8, 2009


Sometimes, when I repose in solitude
and when the winds around me silence,
on the lake of my soul I see my reflection,
and through it, beneath the clear water,
pebbles in colors of the rainbow,
sands like crystal and grains of gold.

Within moments this water realm stirs,
the treasury of emotions oscillating
from the restless hand that plows the surface.

Only an image vague remains
of what the mind had seen as real.

But I know now, I know
’tis a mirage, a play of water and light
beyond which still abides
the unruffled
of my being.

By Boris Pecigoš, August 16, 2009

English translation: Erika Katačić Kožić, 2012

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